Support the Dog Park

There are many ways you can help out!

-Bring extra plastic bags for the poop bin

-Clean up after your dog, and other dogs, as we’ve all missed our own at some point! Help each other out and keep the trails and the park Poop Free!!!

-If the trash looks full, carry it up to the parking lot.  Also, next time you come to the park, grab an extra hefty bag out of your closet and put it in the poop bag bin for the next time the trash gets taken up to the parking lot.  A garbage bag is a small price to pay for the use of this wonderful park!


-Volunteer at clean up days, and help spread the word about Riverside Bark around town!

-Coordinate doggy dates and meetups on the Riverside Bark Facebook Page so that there are more doggies to run around with when you visit!


Make a Donation
Your thoughtful donation in any amount is always welcome.

Make all checks payable to: Raymond Recreation Department. In the “memo” portion of the check, please note “Riverside Bark-Donation”.

Mail all checks to:

Riverside Bark
P.O. Box 903
Raymond, NH 03077

For more information about Riverside Bark and how you can help, send an email to:

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